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Farm Direct Organic Hemp Oil

"Get on the road to feeling Better. Your Body Deserves The Best"

Our CBD Oil contains ingredients from the whole Hemp Plant. We use a clean, powerful extraction that results in a potent CBD Distillate and not Isolate. All of our products have less than 0.3% THC. Click below for frequently asked questions.

SALE ENDS 4/1/22

Who We Are

HempNoPotamus was birthed in search of Affordable, Holistic approach to relieving Pain, Anxiety, and other ailments. We always strive for the best products with you the consumer in mind.  We use only Farm Direct Hemp Extract in our CBD Oil. Our CBD is Full Spectrum and Organic. We know you will enjoy it!

From Our Customers

I suffered from Severe Osteoarthritis in both hips along with Chronic low back pain. I've tried a lot of products, but they always left me drowsy, and made me feel like I was not in control. I decided to give Farm Direct, Full Spectrum Hemp a try. I started off with a low dose, until I found what helped me to get some relief from pain. By using Full Spectrum Hemp, my joints don't ache as bad, and I can definitely walk a whole lot better. 

Clayton M. St. Petersburg, Fl.

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